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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveys are carried out when man entry is not feasible. They provide a safe view and analysis of the pipe condition and identify any defects. The CCTV surveys are carried out by using remote controlled tractor units which carry the camera units.

On completion of a survey, a report containing information on the pipes surveyed is submitted to the client. This is prepared by experienced operatives working to industry standards and contains a major defect summary and sewer grading report together with CD Rom or DVD of the actual survey.



Regular inspection of pipelines and manholes is the main method of ensuring a wastewater system runs efficiently. Inspection crews check the integrity of manholes and look for indications of pipeline problems such as slow flowing mains, evidence of structural deterioration or the presence of grease, roots or debris.

If a pipeline shows evidence of structural deterioration, or if the extent of potential problems cannot be determined by a physical inspection, a video inspection may be needed. Based on the findings of the video inspection a decision is made to clean or repair the pipeline. Once the work is complete, a CCTV Survey is used again to ensure the pipeline has been returned to working order.