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The removal and subsequent disposal of material is one of the most varied services offered by Kilbride. Examples, Kilbride can remove waste from include:


  1. Deep Wet Wells
  2. Sludge Digesters
  3. Sedimentation Tanks
  4. Water Filtration Tanks
  5. Chemical Storage Tanks
  6. Fuel Ash Precipitators

Attention to Health and Safety Issues on projects like these is paramount. A detailed Assessment of Risk is the initial step. From this a Safe System of Work is developed to produce a project specific Method. Kilbride has specialist plant which can lift, using suction, bricks vertically 50 meters and has been used to draw dolomite 110 meters horizontally out of a watercourse. This type of plant is ideal for emptying and cleaning large tanks and wet wells.

:: Septic Tanks
Often thought of as the poor relation to properties with main sewer connections the Septic Tank is in fact a highly efficient “mini sewage works” using bacteria to break down the waste just like its far bigger brother. Just like the large sewage works it requires proper maintenance. Silt and sludge can impair the performance of the process and it is important to remove this but keep the bacteria.

At Kilbride we have a complete range of plant as well as the expertise to properly maintain these tanks irrespective of size or distance from hard standing access.