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:: Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Before a sewer or surface water pipe is put in the ground a team of specialists work out the diameter and gradient of the pipe after considering factors such as the type of effluent, area catchments, storm flows and so on. If these pipes cant perform to design performance due to blockages or sedimentation it can cause the system to overflow. This usually results in flooding, environmental and health problems.

At Kilbride we have the best sewer and drain cleaning equipment currently available and have the largest fleet of water recycling cleaning units in the UK. With the knowledge and expertise of our management team we can provide a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to your problem.

:: Interceptors
Interceptors have to be cleaned regularly to ensure efficient service. By design they are full of liquid. It is essential to remove the debris from the tank and leave the Interceptor fully functional.

At Kilbride we have the range of plant and trained operatives with considerable experience in the cleaning of sizes and types of Interceptors varying from small oil and grease interceptors to large fuel interceptors at airports and treatment works enabling a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to your problem.