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Water jetting is one of the cleanest and most cost effective techniques for a variety of applications ranging from root cutting, drain and sewer cleaning, tube bundle cleaning and vessel de-scaling.

The advantages of water jetting over other cleaning methods (such as rodding) are rather than just disturbing the sediment the water jets at pressures of up to 2000psi. This blasts loose the source of the blockage. by breaking up fat, grease and other deposits into smaller parts.



High-pressure water is used to unblock and clear stormwater and sewer pipes. This type of extreme water pressure is also used to unblock street level and domestic drainage systems.

In the case of storm water drains, where high levels of sand can accumulate over a number of years, the use of water jetting is ideal for cleaning as it enables the sand to be removed after being dragged back behind the water jetting nozzle as the nozzle is brought back to the access point.

High Pressure Water cutting is used as an environmentally friendly cutting technique where a lot of tree roots have infiltrated a drainage system. A root cutter is employed in tandem with water blasting techniques to restore naturally smooth and efficient flow capacity.The directional root cutter can apply up to 10,000 psi in a very focused operation. Live CCTV pictures enable the operators to be very precise in the cutting action which is applied parallel to the pipe wall.