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Answers to the most common questions should appear here - but if your question is not, then then simply send us an email.
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:: What area do you cover?
Kilbride operates on a daily basis from a depot in Newcastle servicing northern England and southern Scotland. The company also undertakes projects throughout the UK and parts of Europe. Simply call our Freephone No: 0800 328 9501 We will be happy to assist you.

:: Can you clean and survey all types of pipes?
Yes we can clean and survey all types of pipes. The type of material a pipe is constructed from has a direct effect on how much light is needed to illuminate it to achieve optimum picture quality, there are several types of pipes used within the industry i.e.

 → Fireclay
 → PVC
 → Cast Iron

:: What size of pipe can you survey?
Kilbride can survey pipes as small as 50mm and up to 2 metres.

:: What is the reason for a pipe survey?
Very often there can be more than one reason for clients requiring pipes to be surveyed, examples are:-

1) As part of routine maintenance CCTV surveys can be the best way to anticipate problems before they actually occur.  Surveys identify physical deformities in pipes and when surveys are carried out on a regular basis, often annually, the rate of change in deformities can be monitored.

2) Recurring problems due to the build up of debris can cause surcharging following heavy rainfall.  If the pipe carries waste material this risks fines from regulatory environment agencies. CCTV surveys can identify areas of pipes that may require cleaning.

3) Pre adoption surveys are carried out by both water authorities and by businesses buying assets which involve pipe systems, as in both instances confirmation is required that the pipelines are in good condition or that no unknown environmental risks are being accepted. Infiltration from pipes can cause pollution and consequently heavy fines while infiltration can cause pollution in production processes.

4) For good practice in environmental risk management. Leaking and blocked pipes can result in large corporate fines.

:: When can the pipe survey be carried out?
Programming the work to suit our clients requirements is very important to Kilbride, so the work would be programmed to meet your requirements.

:: Can you carry out work in confined spaces?
All Kilbride operators are trained in confined spaces.  The company employs a complete range of equipment including gas monitors breathing apparatus (escape working and airline) full body harness and lifelines tripods and fall arrest equipment. We have executed many high risk entries for major blue chip companies ie BP, Scottish Water and United Utilities.

:: Can you empty septic tanks and if so how often do I need it emptied?
Often thought of as the poor relation to properties with main sewer connections the Septic Tank is in fact a highly efficient mini sewage works using bacteria to break down the waste just like its far bigger brother.  Just like the large sewage works it requires proper maintenance.  Silt and sludge can impair the performance of the process and it is important to remove this but keep the bacteria. 

At Kilbride we have a complete range of plant as well as the expertise to properly maintain these tanks irrespective of size or distance from hard standing access. Septic Tanks should be maintained annually.
Can you remove debris from a deep manhole shaft or tank?

Kilbride operate some of the most powerful and efficient suction equipment in the industry.  Combining this equipment with the specialist confined space entry skills required we have safely and successfully removed heavy debris from depths in excess of 50 metres (165 feet).

:: Can you clean my pipe without affecting the effluent running through it?
Interceptors have to be cleaned regularly to ensure efficient service.  By design they are full of liquid.  It is essential to remove the debris from the tank and leave the Interceptor fully functional.
At Kilbride we have the range of plant and trained operatives with considerable experience in the cleaning of sizes and types of Interceptors varying from small oil and grease interceptors to large fuel interceptors at airports and treatment works enabling a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to your problem.